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Paris Saint-Germain is the most famous football club in France, which has set up the highest standards of training in France, innovative techniques and constant improvements. Today, they compete in top 8 of the Champions League and recently won the French League Title.

Each player attending the PSG Academy courses will receive the professional program designed by Paris Saint Germain Football Club.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy takes time to develop our younger players to ensure that they reach their full potential. Those training programs have been developed based on the following principle: developing young players’ technical skills and passion' for the game to ensure they become the best players and athletes they possibly can.

At The Paris Saint-Germain Academy we believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, flair, excitement and entertainment. Skills can help make football fun, help you improve as a player and help you beat your opponent. Throughout our training programme we insist on different values such as positive attitude and respect. Football should be played in the spirit of fair play, encouragement and fun. Self-respect is also key for your own development as a player and a person.




 Official Paris Saint-Germain program

 UEFA Certified coaches.

– International environment.

– Personalized and effective communication.

– Record of performance of every player.

– Participation to competitive leagues.

– Exposure to professional opportunities for the talented players.

– Paris Saint-Germain official kit.

– Participation to Paris Saint-Germain tournament. 

– Professional Screening.

– FIFA 11 Injuries prevention programme. 

– Easy payment options.



Category Year of Birth
U4 2014
U5 2013
U6 2012
U7 2011
U8 2010
U9 2009
U10 2008
U11 2007
U12 2006
U13 2005
U14 2004
U15 2003
U16 2002
U17 2001
U18 2000
Girls from 2000 to 2006
Goalkeepers from 2000 to 2010



For children, the most important thing is to play. They play for the pleasure of playing. Contesting matches is an essential part of training and children learn better by playing. Through our “Elite teams” training sessions, kids will acquire the basic technical and tactical elements of the game through a host of activities while focusing on the match to come and improving the skills focusing on the analysis of the matches which have been played.

Elite teams are open to those students who are more competitive and who will be selected by our coaches as the possible future stars of the PSG teams. Kids will participate to top leagues on a regular basis.